The SR CounterTrend II is a proprietary day trading system that was developed in October 2017, designed to trade wide ranging counter trend price movements. It is a low frequency, fully automated trading system that is designed to trade a list of commodity and futures markets. It can also trade equity indexes such as the Spyder ETFs.

We consider SR CounterTrend II to be our greatest trading system “find” in 20 years. It can trade a wide range of markets using the same parameters and different time intervals. We use the exact same parameters on groups of markets (example: Gold, Silver, and Crude use the same exact setup and input parameters). This strategy uses a similar concept as SR CounterTrend Gold and SR CounterTrend Silver, two of our top long term strategies. This trading strategy is designed to work in the Tradestation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader platforms.

Hypothetical Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
11/03/1997 – 11/08/2019

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription is the easiest way to get started. We do not offer monthly subscriptions since strategies can go through multi-month losing streaks. An annual subscription will license you up to 4 contracts per market that you subscribe.

Annual Subscription $495
Single Market

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Annual Subscription $495 Single Market, Annual Subscription $1,995 All Market, Open Code price $25,000

SR Counter Trend II