The Adaptive Moving Average Trading System is a day trade strategy for the E-mini S&P. The length of the moving average input automatically adpats based on the market conditions. If the S&P average daily range is less than 20, this strategy will not trade.

Before I developed this strategy, I never seriously considered using a Moving Average Trading System. It is easy to optimize a moving average strategy that has a great backtest but typically falls apart in out of sample testing. This Adaptive Moving Average strategy has proven itself.

It trades on 15 minute bars and is developed for Tradestation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader.

Adaptive Moving Average E-mini S&P
Hypothetical Performance Summary
No Slippage or Commission
09/05/2006 – 11/27/2019

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription is the easiest way to get started. We do not offer monthly subscriptions since strategies can go through multi-month losing streaks. An annual subscription will license you up to 4 contracts per market that you subscribe.

*Each market is a separate subscription.

Annual Subscription $495

Lifetime License

The lifetime license doesn’t limit the number of contracts traded and can be traded on all stock index futures. The code is close and the strategy remains proprietary but the code will never expire.

*The Lifetime License includes all markets.

Lifetime License $4,995

Open Code License

The Open Code License gives you access to the code. This is beneficial for traders who want to know how the strategy works and for traders who want to modify the strategy to add their own custom rules to the trading system. The Open Code price is $9,995 and requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Open Code Lifetime $9,995